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What is a lifestyle business and why people do it?

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I had to realise that all I want is a lifestyle business. Not a start up, not being employed, not staying at home without working. But live a life in a way I want and do a business that supports it financially AND I can actually enjoy.

I had to realise that while I was busy with building my startup I just created a 9-5 workplace for myself. I had to put my son in childcare. I had to dedicate so much time and work to make it happen, to get clients, to work with clients, to network and to deliver. I was my own boss but in fact, my clients were my bosses, so I had as many supervisors as many clients. Nice.

I put myself from being employed 9-5 – where many people (several unprofessional, incompetent bosses) told me what to do on a daily basis without asking for any feedback or…

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The best job you can do from home

Source: raising humans

I run a management and business consultancy and I got this question already so many times from mothers who do not want to return to be employed but want or need to earn money. What is the best job I can do from home?

20150330_181510I always give the same answer: There is no answer to this question that I would be able to phrase for you.

If anyone gives you a list of business opportunities, think! Think! Why would they do that? How would they know what is best for you, for your family? How would they know what fits your personality the best and what kind of work makes you happiest?

So, simply just stop asking this question, please. At least, stop asking others!

Ask yourself the following questions instead:

  • what makes me happy?
  • when I run my day what type of activities make me feel energized?
  • do I love talking, meeting people?
  • do I prefer writing or talking?
  • do I love people or numbers and papers?
  • am I an introvert or extrovert or highly sensitive introvert or extrovert?
  • am I gifted or talented?
  • is there any hobby I love and makes me happy?
  • how many hours do I want to work?
  • do I want to leave the house for work at all ever?
  • do I know anything about business administration?
  • do I have any sort of knowledge of marketing?
  • am I able to motivate myself or do I need a team?
  • can I invest any money?

and so on, so on, so on… listen to yourself for at least a week and create a list of all the good things that make you feel happy, refreshed and energized.

Also ask your partner or sibling or who knows you best what they would answer the questions above.

Then do your research. If you need a team and you want to socialize you might consider an MLM business. If you know nothing about marketing, try a franchise. If you are happy with administration and numbers, open a virtual assistant service. And this is how you build up who you are, what you want. Then, once you start to form a picture about your dream work, start to plan: what you want to achieve, how much money you need to earn, when you want to get to certain mile stones, etc.

BEFORE you commit yourself to anyone or you invest, think about why you want to do this. List your reasons that will motivate and reinforce you. Create a vision board and keep it somewhere you see it every day. What is a vision board and how to make it? This is how I made mine: just click here for the article.

My vision board

… or dream board…

I share a secret with you now. This is so personal. I have dreams that I have not yet shared with anyone here.

This is how it started: I was dreaming about the sea and a life that allows me to spend ALL my time with the ones I love. I was dreaming about feeling healthy and pretty and actually look good in that damn sexy bikini. For too long it was just a dream.

One day I felt it is time and started to think about the “how to” part, so the planning began.

I discovered how to cheat my brain and how visualizing my success would lead me to actual success. I created a vision board, or dream board. I collected pictures, I find the best words that expressed what I wanted to achieve. I did a plan to calculate how much money I need, what I must do, what the steps are and I put these on the board. I have a plan to follow to make my dream happen and become true.

I love my vision board. So easy to create one, if you understand the logic behind it.

I recommend this book, it is brilliant.

What I did was easy. I printed pictures about the beach where I wanted to live, I printed a picture of myself (I was not brave enough to do it in a bikini), I picked a photo of my extremely handsome husband and put the numbers and words on a board along with the photos.
So, what do you want to achieve in your business or in your life?

What is your product, again?

2015-05-10 11 54 57

Cofresh Monkey Nuts

Roasted Peanuts in Shell

Ingredients: Peanuts

Allergy Advice: This product contains Peanuts.

Is this clear enough? If not, it is in a transparent bag, so you can even see the product.

Do you know what you buy? No doubt.


So what is your product?

Do your potential customers know what they get if they pay you? Is it clear what you offer?

I had to realise that often they do not understand the terminology we use. Or they do not have a clear picture about what will happen if they approach us. So why not telling them? Which format would you choose to communicate about your products and services?

Same old, same old…

Time management again.

When I read the first  point, I knew that I must share it. So this time, here is an article that I recommend to read:

Time management advice – 7 tips that your boss would never give you

time management advice your boss would not giveTime management is probably the one area of life where almost everybody needs some advice; and there is plenty of time management advice to be found. The unfortunate thing is that much of the time management advice which is in circulation is completely ineffective. Over the years, the time management advice which I have received includes make a to-do list, handle each item only once, start with an easy task etc. Each bit of advice seems to have some logic to it but it needs further explanation. Unfortunately, these bits of time management advice have become nothing more than catchphrases e.g. if you were to actually handle each item only once that would mean that any time that somebody hands you a piece of paper, you have to deal with it there and then, thus putting control of your time outside of your hands. Is that really good advice?

Time management advice that your boss would never give

I find that with time management advice, the more logical it sounds, the more ineffective it tends to be. The very best time management needs a little explaining so that you can then adapt it to meet your needs. The following 8 tips are written in a way which, hopefully, will emphasize the point.

1. Dump everything

If you were to tell your boss that you were going to dump everything that you have agreed to do, he would probably need an ambulance. Don’t worry though, that is not what is meant by dump everything. Productivity guru, David Allen, offers one of the best pieces of time management advice when he says ‘dump it’. At least once per day you need to get all of your commitments out of your head and either on to paper or onto a computer.

Read more:

You can also get your free time management book on this very same webpage:

Are you mobile-friendly?

Hi, how are you? How was your bank holiday weekend? This is now just a quick note as this week is quite short for us!

Did you know that google offers an analysis to see if your webpage is mobile-friendly or not?

Here is the link to check out your own website:

Why is it important?

Have you read about google ranking?



Do you read this article from your phone? Do you use your phone to open websites at all? Well, I guess, you do. We all do. And your clients will open your page, too.

Or on their tablet, or other great devices. So, go ahead and check your page.

Here is the link again:

Oh, and what to do if your page is not mobile-friendly? Or want to know more?

Here is a great Q&A from Google!

Let me know if you need more information!

Talk soon,


What is your biggest challenge?

WARNING: You will need pen and paper to read this article! So before you sit down, prepare them, please.

When I ask business owners what their biggest challenge is, 8 out of 10 says: Time Management. And they say it without thinking.

money vs time

money vs time

They know it.

They also know how to do it better. They know all the tricks. They just cannot change.

Are you one of them?

Are you the one who is always busy but not effective? Who keeps forgetting what must be done?

Do you know what the reason is behind this? Habits. Bad habits.

And what is behind good time management? Habits. Good habits.

If you really want to change and give your business a chance to grow or keep feeding you at least, do one little thing now.

List all your habits that you have in relation with your work. Everything. Social media, television, post-its everywhere, chatting on the phone, distractions. I know you just nod your head now, but what if you really give a chance to it? What if you take that 5 minutes NOW and get a paper and a pencil. I wait. Go and get it.Hand_Writing_Small

So, you listed your bad habits that keep you away from your success. Now pick one. Only one. The one that annoys you the most! Let’s say it is that you get lost on your Facebook news feed too often. So, now find a solution. A good habit. For example, when you sit down to your computer, you close ALL your social media platforms. ALL of them. You can access your browser but not until you finished your excel sheet with the admin. Or whatever you must working on.

Apply this single one good habit every day.

Keep your list with the bad habits. And move on to the next one in one or two weeks time.

This is the only way that you will start it.

  • Create good habits.
  • Create a lifestyle.
  • Decide how you want to live.

You can blame others. But if you look into your heart and you truly listen, you will admit that it is all up to you.

I am telling this with my best intention. Because I believe in you. I believe that you can do it.

Pick one bad habit now and change it. It will give a fantastic boost to your life and business.

Take care and let me know how it goes,


2 ways how to lose your potential customer

Your products are beautiful! Everybody admires how talented you are. You have thousands of likes on your Facebook page – yet nobody really wants to buy from you.

You are maybe offering a service and everyone says you are really knowledgeable, you know your stuff, then you just sit and wait but nobody really calls you to book an appointment.

hol vagyokWhat could have gone wrong? It is clear that those people do not know that your product or service is clearly what they need! They do not understand the value it can bring to their life – YET!

There is a chance that those people who look at your page do not understand what you are selling! It can happen if you are a service provider. The other day, I got an e-mail about something that I did not understand clearly along with an offer that it might be useful for my business. No website or company name, only “marketing advisor” or similar title in the signature. I could have ignored but I could not resist to hit reply and say: I do not actually understand if that thing you are offering could bring any value to me, but if you really want me to look into it, please send a link to your website or any information how I could benefit from it. stress at workplaceAnd then I got the website and no news since then. Why? They sent me a useless proposal and I even replied! and nothing! They are not getting back to me and I will not write them again to ask them to sell something to me. I will not go and tell them how to sell something to me even if I could be interested in their products. I could but would not worth the time and effort. They lost it. It is that simple.

Lesson learned: Make it clear what you want to sell. Make clear packages if you are a service provider! Do not expect people to spend time to figure out what you do and if they need you or not… Tell them!

I have an other story about a lady who tagged me in a comment of a post in a groupszámonkérő arcok on Facebook (so quite publicly), saying that she added me as a friend (means my private profile) and if I confirm the request, she will show me how to make my Twitter profile more visible, active and so it will be working better. Excuse me? Are you telling me that I am doing it wrong? Who are you to stop me and tell me publicly that I need help because I am not good enough according to you? So who are you again?

Lesson learned: Never try to sell before engagement. You do not know who you talk to! You have no idea what the other person wants! Not everybody wants to be visible on social media. Be a little bit more open minded and imagine that there is a world outside of Facebook and Twitter. While I know that the digital economy is growing fast,

Be Polite

Be Polite

I also know that NOBODY will convert if you approach them randomly with a sale offer, specially if phrased in an insulting style. Talk to people as if you met on the street – you are a random stranger. Smile first, say hi, introduce yourself, tell something about yourself, engage the other person. Be polite!

Talk to people in a way you want to be treated, you want to be talked to. Love your potential clients, respect them, provide value, otherwise they go away before you know it!

Did you find this article useful? Then you might want to read about HOW TO CONVERT PROSPECTS TO CUSTOMERS! Here is a book that I recommend from Khalid Saleh. This is an affiliate link to the book on Amazon if you want to see the details: Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Prospects to Customers

Enjoy reading it! Now I am going to write more about this conversion topic as it proves to be very exciting!

Talk soon,


Engage your followers! – just a few tips

Good morning!

Today, I decided to share my thoughts with you randomly because I had a conversation yesterday that did not leave me. The thoughts in my head are so loud and flashing that I really must share them right now! (ok, I am still normal, I think)

So, what do you expect from your social media platform? From your presence on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, etc? What do you expect from your advertisements?

What is your goal with these? Do you realise that these are only TOOLS? So the goal is not that you go and share 5 times a day on Facebook! The goal is that you sell your product and you use social media to communicate with your clients.

Imagine that Facebook or Twitter is just the clear air in between you and your customer and you have a conversation in a lovely café. How would you sell to that person then?

Would you engage that person’s attention by:

 – asking questions about THEM?

– investigating a bit more about THEIR likes and dislikes?

– introducing yourself (and not your product) a little bit more?

– helping that person identify the gap that your product could fill in their life?

So, go ahead and do this!

  • talk about your customers,
  • ask them
  • involve them
  • ask them again when they comment – keep up a conversation
  • tell more about your thoughts, what makes YOU unique?
  • tell your customers why your product is a great value FOR THEM personally!

huhh… I already feel better that I could write this down.

Thank you for reading.

Ask me if you need any help to phrase those questions, to find why you are unique. We can brainstorm together, it is so inspiring!

Talk soon,


What’s Wrong With Beginning Small?

What success means? Only the rich are successful? Is a mother, for example, who has created life and brings up beautiful souls, considered successful? Is a self-employed business owner, who is able to feed his family and live a well balanced, happy life, can be called successful? Or only those are successful who are followed and admired by millions? Can the love of your closed one make you the happiest ever? Do you have to keep growing your business to become successful or achieving balance in small could be enough for happiness?

Vincent Egoro

Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

These days it’s all about “bigness.” Everyone one talks about big dreams; big ideas; big goals. We are always told to admire and model our lives after those people who conceive great ideas and successfully bring them to reality. Every young lady dreams of marrying or dating some rich man. Every young man thinks in millions and billions.

While nothing absolutely is wrong with such thinking anyway, many of us who are so engrossed in the thinking and talking big fail to consider the small things that make great things or a great life possible. The fact is we cannot all think in millions, and we cannot all aspire to vast achievements. But this is no reason why we should despise ourselves or look down upon ourselves because our daily work and our life may not be doing great things.

Are you doing small work? Are you…

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